13 04, 2019

Facing Reality Winner

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Facing Reality Winner The Ochelli Effect 4-12-2019 Billie Winner-Davis Why does Chuck keep mentioning Reality Winner in conversation? You should be asking why you are not doing the same. We had a special discussion with Reality Winners mother, Billie J Winner-Davis. Chuck wanted to illustrate Reality's record of service and Patriotism that he believes motivated [...]

13 04, 2019

Beware Hyper Refrigerators

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Beware Hyper RefrigeratorsTrans Resister Radio & Uncle The Broadcast Presented by OCHELLI.COM Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 4-12-2019(Aaron's Notes)TRR 225The modern world has us all in a state of Hyper Activity. At this point what do we do to slow things down?topics include: hyperactivity, children, work, society, culture, America, United States, history, Native Americans, [...]

11 04, 2019

Traumatic Journey Victimhood Refused

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Traumatic Journey Victimhood Refused The Ochelli Effect 4-10-2019 Daniel Louis Crumpton DLC Returns to TOE. A very personal discussion on trauma and a path of evolution with a longtime friend of Chuck's Daniel Louis Crumpton weaves the subjects of Cannabis, spirituality, and The Trauma of Life into a basket of exposition that you will not [...]

10 04, 2019

Disco Dancing Israelis

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Disco Dancing Israelis Porkins Policy Radio 4-9-2019 Robbie Martin OCHELLI.COM Proudly Presents Prorkins Policy Radio LIVE This week good friend Robbie Martin joined me to discuss his latest podcast for Media Roots Radio, Ecstasy, Israeli Art Students, and the Mossad. We talk about the importance of the phenomenon of the so-called Israeli art students and [...]

10 04, 2019

Prison Industry Oil Institutionalized

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Prison Industry Oil Institutionalized The Ochelli Effect 4-9-2019 Michael Swanson and JP Sottile Mike Swanson, The Author of The War State and the man behind Wallstreetwindow.com, begins this Tuesday discussion. Mike Swanson decided to discuss the Prison Industrial Complex and give some historical evidence about its evolution alongside the establishment's fears of Revolution. Is it [...]

6 04, 2019

Venezuela Distorted Scandals Unreported

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Venezuela Distorted Scandals UnreportedThe Ochelli Effect 4-5-2019 Albert LanierVenezuela Distorted Scandals Unreported Veteran Journalist Albert Lanier returned to the show in an effort to assist Chuck with sorting through the sorted details of the current debacle in Venezuela. Albert gave us a bit of a refresher course in U/S. history pertaining to the Central and [...]

6 04, 2019

Laughing Stock Clapton Sucks

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Laughing Stock Clapton Sucks Trans Resister Radio & Uncle The Broadcast Presented by OCHELLI.COM Laughing Stock Clapton Sucks Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 4-5-2019 We Love It when YOU call into the show. We had 2 this week. (Aaron's Notes) TRR 224 What motive might our old friend Newt Gingrich have for bringing political [...]

5 04, 2019

Hyperbolic Identity Politics

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Hyperbolic Identity Politics The Ochelli Effect 4-4-2019 Carmine Savastano A bit of a clash emerges from between Chuck and Carmine's world views on this particular Thor's Day Ochelli Effect. Author, Carmine Savastano brings to the table a much-needed discussion about the extreme forms of rhetorical hyperbole that currently dominate debates on social issues and [...]

3 04, 2019

JFK Mob Hit Stew

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JFK Mob Hit Stew The Ochelli Effect 4-2-2019 Mike Swanson and Pearse Redmond JFK Mob Hit Stew The Ochelli Effect 4-2-2019 Mike Swanson and Pearse Redmond In the first hour, Michael Swanson and Chuck had a unique exchange about the JFK Assassination and its implications regarding current events. Chuck also mentions his new glasses while [...]