Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty One

The Ochelli Effect 4-2-2019 Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell continued the special series on religion. Cults and the kingdom of God? Did Jordan know more than the people who preached to him in his early life?

What are sun worshipers doing in modern times? Are Demons what we have been told they are? Is the “Anti-Christ” the adversary? Where did the Holy Roman Empire” Go? When did the Holy cow become the holy mackerel?

Where did the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses come from? Are JWs on the verge of collapse as a faction? Is religion failing as a control mechanism? Prophecy for profit and the Doomsday Con worked on many good people for 200 years.

Jordan will continue with this series until he thinks it is finished. Please send in questions and comments anytime. The new Phone Line will also be open during LIVE shows @ 1(319)527-5016. Caller Charles added a few points and asked some interesting questions.

Is it just America that is doomed? Are there good people within the cults created to keep us all from the Truth? Secrets  Jordan believes held in the darkest, deepest vault at the Vatican might answer many questions. What secret society runs the Christian cult production facility?

What is the significance of December 21? Are people attracted to Doomsday Cults? Who said the world would end in 1975? Symbolic drinking of blood is older than Christianity.

Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty One

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Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty One

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Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty One – The Ochelli Effect 4-2-2019 Jordan Maxwell