Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty Two

The Ochelli Effect 4-15-2019 Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell continued the series on Religion this Monday. Did your savior rise today? Are Elitists channeling evil from other planes of existence?

A few listener questions mixed with the headlines of the day moved the conversation into the realm of synchronicity during the week of Easter.

The solar messiah and the pagan rituals that are devoted to the ever-green literary character the Christians call Jesus. The Pope shifted the blame. The Seasons are important to all.

When one remembers the last sunset they observed, the image of the light before the dawn is interesting and is the best metaphor for the current age.

Organized religion is at the center of every control mechanism. Jordan is one of the best teachers on this subject and many others. Who or what is the light of the world?

What are sun worshipers doing in modern times? Are Demons what we have been told they are? Is the “Anti-Christ” the adversary? Where did the Holy Roman Empire” Go? When did the Holy cow become the holy mackerel?

Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty Two

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Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty Two

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Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty Two -The Ochelli Effect 4-15-2019 Jordan Maxwell