Special Dogmatic Theology Part Nineteen

The Ochelli Effect 3-11-2018 Jordan Maxwell

On a Monday The mystical meets the deception of population control through the facilities of religious institutions.

Jordan Maxwell joins us in the pursuit of the truth behind the multiple veils of misdirection. What is a spire? One more than eighteen; nine more than ten

Inspiration is often referenced by seldom understood in any meaningful way. How much does the priest class really know?

Jordan takes a few questions and has to explain the Greek pantheon again because it is still in use. Why is there a collection of money taken by the churches?

Have men chosen to learn from legitimate teachers? Is the Kraken related to Dagon? What does Jordan think about the concept of “Devine Inspiration”? Is music scientifically designed? Are digital copies of sounds harmful and destructive? Does every religion use the occult knowledge of sound to accomplish its objectives?

This series will continue until Jordan declares it is done.

Special Dogmatic Theology Part Nineteen

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Nineteen

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Nineteen -The Ochelli Effect 3-11-2018 Jordan Maxwell