Scorpions Dance Jefferson Morley

The Ochelli Effect 6-6-2022 Jefferson Morley

Scorpions Dance Jefferson Morley

Chuck welcomed Jeff Morley to discuss his latest book. Watergate and the actors and actions running through and wrapped in history have been written about in many different ways. Scorpions Dance is the best book on Watergate since Secret Agenda. This part of the podcast is more than one hour long.

(From The Overview)
Scorpions’ Dance by intelligence expert and investigative journalist Jefferson Morley reveals the Watergate scandal in a completely new light: as the culmination of a concealed, deadly power struggle between President Richard Nixon and CIA Director Richard Helms.

Rigorously researched and dramatically told, Scorpions’ Dance uses long-neglected evidence to reveal a new perspective on one of America’s most notorious presidential scandals.

Jefferson Morley Websites:

Scorpion’s Dance at Politics and Prose Bookstore on Connecticut Ave on June 13.

Our Man in Mexico: Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA

Amazon Author Page:


For the remainder of the show, Chuck opened phone lines. There were no callers, so Chuck just sort of thought out loud for about a half-hour and played a song and a half while asking listeners to consider what they lend their energies to.


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Scorpions Dance Jefferson Morley

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