Reclaiming Vinnie Bugliosi’s History

The Ochelli Effect 6-4-2020 Carmine Savastano

Reclaiming Vinnie Bugliosi’s History

The storied career of Vincent Torquato Bugliosi, the Charles Manson case prosecutor, who later ventured into historical research began decades prior. While serving in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office this later described paragon of law and order would undertake several questionable and sometimes illegal actions seeking to gain information of importance to him despite the ethical and moral costs. A single-minded tenacity that served him in later prosecutions against criminals has also targeted the innocent according to significant evidence. There is more to Vincent Bugliosi than some know and others care to admit.

Reclaiming Vinnie Bugliosi’s History

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Reclaiming Vinnie Bugliosi’s History

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