Pond Scum Intelligence Service

The Ochelli Effect 8-29-2019 Carmine Savastano

The Pond was a secret espionage organization meant to remain small and secretive from its inception in 1942. Methods and tactics utilized by the organization ultimately brought about its demise in 1955.

The anti-communist activities of The Pond wind up playing a role in the Red Scare. Sometimes Paranoia is not a bad thing until it consumes the practical mind.

At one point they even use a serial killer as an asset. Marcel André Henri Félix Petiot (AKA Dr. Satan) was a French doctor and serial killer, convicted of multiple murders after the remains of 23 people were found in his home. He is suspected of the murder of around 60 victims during his lifetime. Chuck contends it is likely there is an unknown trail of bodies that will remain a mystery.

Jean (John) Valentin Grombach headed the Pond and is an interesting character who clashed with and eventually was forced to work with rivals in intelligence circles that have names we are quite familiar with.

Carmine does an interesting job creating the timeline of events that lead to the rise and fall of the rarely acknowledged piece of US Intelligence history.

Pond Scum Intelligence Service

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Pond Scum Intelligence Service

Carmine Savastano

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Pond Scum Intelligence Service – The Ochelli Effect 8-29-2019 Carmine Savastano