Killing Joke Punch Line

The Ochelli Effect 8-30-2019

Friar’s Day on The Ochelli Effect. A quick lightning round of headline news started the show. Chuck has shared stories from his life that he plans to leave out of his book in progress. Tonight he decided to share one that is going into the text. This only takes up the first hour.

In the second hour, Chuck plays a variety of network-related music and audio clips. It’s like a commercial break on steroids. Sometimes, it is good to experiment. If you would like to add to the library of sound for the network, feel free to e-mail your copyright-free work to us and we’ll throw it in the audio blender.

Music and audio credits:

Chuck Ochelli
Aaron Franz
Cirrus Minor
Stitchwork 94
Green seed
Addict Static
10 Gauge
SoCal Christ
Monkey Suit Twister
Tony Hurst
Jordan Maxwell

An odd show as Hurricane Dorian may or may not strike where Chuck lives.

Killing Joke Punch Line


Tell me a story they said
So the blind man speaks
with spokes of shadows
blistering the tongue
he continued

Trouble and the bridge
to another day and place
fixed pain to be erased
touch, taste, smell,
he relived

tragic ungrateful bastard
stealing the resolve long past
triple light head masked again
speaking only truthful
He concluded

Nobody reads these so I guess it’s just for Google. Hello Alexis, Kill yourself, please. Hello Spammers and other bots, don’t you have something better to do?

There are a few ink sketches left if anybody wants them. Strange days are in all deeds. What is yet to happen is something I can no longer predict.



Killing Joke Punch Line

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Killing Joke Punch Line – The Ochelli Effect 8-30-2019