JFK Assassination Myths 15

The Ochelli Effect 1-17-2019 JFK Myths Panel

On Thursday in the midst of technological nightmares, Chuck pulled together a long broadcast continuing to bust the myths in the JFK Assassination universe.

We were joined by Joan Mellen, Fred James, and Steve Roe. So it makes sense that we covered The Bush and LBJ myths, alongside The Babushka Lady and Richard Case Nagell fictions.

The first Myth on the agenda was the LBJ mastermind scenario. Most people pushing this mythology rely on the alleged fingerprint of a fascinating real-life character named Mac Wallace allegedly found on the Sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building during evidence collection in the aftermath of the JFK assassination. The problems are that a proper investigation of the evidence, a check on the location of the suspect, and a lack of nearly anything to make the Mac Wallace theory work should remove it from consideration. Joan Mellen does this and much more in her book http://joanmellen.com/wordpress/2016/12/02/review-american-history-magazine/

The remainder of the show covered the issues with the legitimacy of two alleged witnesses to different portions of significance in the case. Richard Case Nagell and Beverly Oliver could not be two more different individuals. However, the claims that researchers have made about their proximity and knowledge about Lee Harvey Oswald and the reality of various elements connected to November 22, 1963, seem to be equally poorly founded.

Many portions of this recording are missing due to various technical problems, but we have tried to preserve the best of what was nearly 4 hours of presentation. We think Microsoft for F___king up our Thursday.

The JFK Myths series will continue until it is no longer needed.

JFK Assassination Myths 15

Carmine Savastano

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JFK Assassination Myths 15