Special Dogmatic Theology Part Seventeen

The Ochelli Effect 1-14-2018 Jordan Maxwell

After a week off from The Ochelli Effect, Jordan Maxwell and Chuck continue the series of discussions on religion. Jordan was also on the road for a few weeks. This is the first part of the series recorded in 2019.

All roads lead to Rome. What is humanity to do, and what can be done are two different questions? Is there any way out of the matrix? Was an entire documentary series based on Jordan’s work?

Is the military a religious order? Are religious orders all military in nature? How does the history of the Roman empire compare to the truth about The United States? Did religion become the best weapon of choice for those who destroy and corrupt the Human Family?

Did the founding fathers have an idea about what we see today? Is the book of revelations a blueprint?

This series on Religion will continue until Jordan decides it is done. Please send us questions during LIVE shows or in between. We take them from the chat, e-mail, and sometimes Twitter.

Questions related to the secret societies that authored modern religion as we know it.

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Seventeen

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Seventeen – The Ochelli Effect 1-14-2018 Jordan Maxwell