Corruption Needs Evel Knievel

The Ochelli Effect 11-19-2019 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

Corruption Needs Evel Knievel

Mike Swanson is the co-host for hour one. A few random topics ranging from Google to recent “leaks” regarding Iran’s influence over Iraq. Mike decided to discuss two recent speeches hosted by The Federalist Society where Brett Kavanaugh and William Barr participated. Kavanaugh used his time to thank the organization for supporting him while protesters made noise outside and Barr made a presentation arguing that the Executive branch of the American government needs to empower it more than it currently is.

Chuck and Mike discussed the reality of The Imperial Executive Presidency. Is William Barr’s desire to expand the power of the POTUS linked to his Opus Dei style of beliefs?

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JP Sottile arrived in the second hour to remind us about many stories of corruption being ignored while the circus in DC is center stage. The discussion on Roger Stone boiled down to Chuck saying, “Not all sex is love, JP”.

Inanity and banality are far too often what is in America. Where is Evel Knievel when we need him? Is it time for us all to “make the jump”?

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The Origins of the Roman Empire: The Roman Army and Political Power Kindle Edition
by Dennis Swanson (Author), Michael Swanson (Foreword)
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Corruption Needs Evel Knievel

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Corruption Needs Evel Knievel – The Ochelli Effect 11-19-2019 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile