Bobs Ivor Davis Hey Jude

I’m Looking Through You 6-12-2022, Ivor Davis and Jude Kessler

Bobs Ivor Davis Hey Jude

Bobs Ivor Davis Hey Jude

I’m Looking Through You 6-12-2022, Ivor Davis and Jude Kessler

Bob Wilson welcomed the legendary author & journalist Ivor Davis onto I’m Looking Through You. Ivor recounts his days on tour with the Beatles (as recounted in his book: The Beatles and Me On Tour).

Ivor reflects on Paul McCartney’s 80th birthday this June 18th, and how Sir Paul is currently blazing along the concert trail. Ivor also discusses his path crossing that of Bob Dylan, Sidney Poitier, Gregory Peck, Elvis Presley, and many other Hollywood luminaries.

In Part 2 of the show, Bob Welcomed Jude Southerland Kessler. The author of the famous John Lennon Series joins in to discuss the Beatles album, Rubber Soul. The songwriting had grown to new heights, as did the band’s overall sophistication. It seemed with each new album release, the Beatles raised the standard for the world of rock and roll to try and follow. Jude Kessler provides her usual insight, knowledge, and an inside view into the Beatle’s Kingdom.

Lend us your ears, and we’ll bring you a show.

Jude Southerland Kessler:

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Topic: The Beatles in Houston, 1965
Guest: Kathryn DeMoss, who was a Student Reporter at the press conference and concert from Springhill, LA. She was 15 years old! She took a Greyhound bus to Houston to attend the press conference and the show!
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Bobs Ivor Davis Hey Jude

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