Workshopping Audiobook Wilson Graves

The Ochelli Effect 6-13-2022 Bob Wilson and Chris Graves

Workshopping Audiobook Wilson Graves

Workshopping Audiobook Wilson Graves

The Ochelli Effect 6-13-2022 Bob Wilson and Chris Graves

After a few years of kicking around a book, Chuck decides to get one rolling in audio form with a little help from Chris Graves and Bob Wilson.

(Notes From Bob Wilson)

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Chuck Ochelli’s viewpoint is the backbone of The Ochelli Effect Shows. If Chuck has ever shared his background with you, you can see seminal events early in his life that would have driven him to introspection. Chuck delves into JFK & politics, music, world-shaking events, and art. Chuck’s vision issues physically have enhanced his audio sense, and so much more. He may be quite gruff, but he protects a large, softer caring side that cursory listeners might not be aware of.

It is a large part of what drives him to do what he does.

Chuck was born in the intensity of drug addiction when he was an innocent child. By necessity, he learned the ways of the street and what went with it. Chuck was immersed in the music scene and endured a broken neck at some point. These events make for an interesting story on their own, but the sort of quest it left him on is the more interesting story.

You have sort of a Damon Runyon character, who researches JFK and exudes decency of his calling. It is why people listen to his broadcasts, and why you will want to listen to him recount his experiences.


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A structure to obtain this rare series of sonic books will be announced when we release the Introduction next week. You’ll have to support the books as they are constructed to get them.

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Workshopping Audiobook Wilson Graves

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