Artificial Intelligence Gaming Chairs

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 6-10-2022

Artificial Intelligence Gaming Chairs

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 6-10-2022

Artificial Intelligence Gaming Chairs

AOT #354

The Pentagon has just formed a new office to coordinate its artificial intelligence operations. The national security banner will very much be flown over our increasingly digitized world as time goes on. The War on Terror may seem like a bygone era, but is likely to be reborn to provide cyber security.

Topics include: Chief Digital and AI Office, CDAO, Pentagon, MIC, artificial intelligence, Lyft, private industry, revolving door, technology, NSCAI, intelligence, China, Russia, international competition, hacking, cyber security, national security, digitized world, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Internet of Things, databases, digital terrorism, polarized political environment, 9/11, establishment propaganda, alternative propaganda, World Trade Center, War on Terror continued, foreign country’s tech disallowed for security, Silicon Valley government and defense contracts, social media disinformation, fact checking, Robbie the Robot, elected officials, Newsom recall, homegrown terror, Peter Thiel

UTP #264

Uncle and Aaron thank Jimmy James for the gaming chairs, and they answer some of Robin’s questions about Landers.

Topics include: Jimmy James gift of gaming chairs, Robin, audio book of Top Gun 2, color bars, Uncle background art, Landers CA, Giant Rock, ninjas in the desert, George Van Tassel, Johnson Valley, King of the Hammers, Salvation Mountain, Canada deserts, hoodoos, 29 Palms, Moscow Mist, Elon Musk, Star Link, wind, CA drought, cacti, euphorbias, shooting stars, UFOs


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Artificial Intelligence Gaming Chairs

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