American Jihad Religious Terrorism

The Ochelli Effect 9-23-2019 Stuart Wexler

I bet you saw the word “Jihad” and thought this might be the show where Chuck finally talks about how dangerous Islam is. You’re wrong.

Author Stu Wexler appeared on The Ochelli Effect to discuss his break down of the fully matured network of White Supremacist terrorist that are actually home-grown.

In recent months there has been a debate as to exactly which domestic reactionary groups should be classified as threats to domestic security. Many have argued the “Black Lives Matter” is potentially violent while ignoring the very real violent Christian Identity Movement and all that it inspires.

Stu Wexler explores all of these ideas and much more during this two-hour discussion. Chuck also added to the mix the influences of the White Power factions in alternative media. Between the MSM mishandling the reality and the cooperation of the outliers in this req\gaurd we are entering a dangerous era in propaganda.

We also hope to get updates about Stu Wexler’s other projects regarding the cold cases on the murders of various civil rights leaders and participating people in recent history.

The skinheads and nationalist groups with ethnic dogma are the ready-made weapons of Christian Identity. There is a lot to analyze on this topic, and this podcast scratches the surface, but we advise you very carefully examine the issues yourself.

American Jihad Religious Terrorism

America’s Secret Jihad: The Hidden History of Religious Terrorism in the United States


American Jihad Religious Terrorism

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American Jihad Religious Terrorism – The Ochelli Effect 9-23-2019 Stuart Wexler