Becky Tribute Extra Podcast

Ponder Gander Ochelli 9-27-2019 Tribute to Becky Haines

Becky Tribute Extra Podcast

Instead of or crafting a long tribute to my friend that lost her battle with cancer on Monday morning, I take this space to write a personal note of advice to you who dares read my show notes.

I have many times in my life failed to express to the truest gems that they had uncommon value. Telling those you love that you do in fact love them is just one thing that helps one to avoid regret. Sadly we are often so caught up in life that we forget to marvel at the graceful spirits that gifted us with the light that simply came from them being themselves.

I must urge you that not communicating the special impact someone has on you is precisely what the most irrevocable regrets are made of.

Keep in mind that as days disappear into the future history and the timelines of life grow short that opportunity to simply let those that matter know that they are unique in your heart and mind dwindles and has no way of reminding you that everything is finite.

Surviving many times beyond the life span of those you cherish can leave you with a pang of profound sadness. Leaving too many things left unsaid makes those scars more like open wounds. This I warn you against, I live with it far more than I should, and all I had to do to avoid suffering this was to speak up when I had the chance.

Tell those that matter around you that they do. Let those you love know that with every chance you see to do so.

Withheld words do nothing for the dead. When unspoken by the living, expressions owed can become the ulcers on your soul that have nowhere else to go and just eat away at you from the inside.

Life is like a party. Parties can be bad scenes, great times, and all things in between. When certain people leave the get together you know your good time is winding down. I don’t have these regrets about my friend Becky, but she reminded me on her way home that it’s always best to say what you have to at the party because when the guests go home there is no guarantee you will see them again.

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts. Becky spoke best for herself.

After Vince and I speak you just get to hear random things inserted to make the pod 2 hours long.

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Becky Tribute Extra Podcast

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Becky Tribute Extra Podcast – Ponder Gander Ochelli 9-27-2019 Tribute to Becky Haines