Chuck appears as a guest on Porkins Policy Radio along with The Great Robbie Martin 11-22-2016 Then Drops in on The Big Puzzle with Barry Prince 11-23-2016

From Porkins policy Review @
11/22/2016 Tuesday – Today I am joined by
frequent guests Robbie Martin and Chuck Ochelli
for the second hour. Robbie and I begin by discussing
our general feelings about the soon to be President
Donald Trump and the post election world.
We take a close look at the people that Trump
is surrounding himself with as he begins to form
his cabinet and administration. We pay particular
attention to the small faction of neocon’s that refused
to jump on the “Never Trump” bandwagon and
instead supported him wholeheartedly.
The two of us explore the bizarre connections
some of Trumps potential cabinet members
and the 2001 Anthrax Attacks. Robbie describes
how Vice President elect Mike Pence played a major
role in the anthrax propaganda, going so far as to
be one of the victims who was infected.
We talk about Rudy Guliani’s company BioONE
which was responsible for the clean up of the
Florida Sun building after the first anthrax attack.
We also touch on Guliani’s chemical weapons drill,
Operation Tripod, which was set to be held on
September 12, 2001. Robbie and I also talk about
PNAC neocon James Woolsey and his efforts to
blame anthrax and 9/11 on Saddam Hussein. Robbie
also talks about Woolsey’s famous anthrax drill,
Operation Dark Winter. We explore the idea of what
Trump’s response might be to a 9/11 or biological
attack with these men surrounding him.

In the second hour Chuck joins us to discuss why
the so called alt-media and conspiracy culture
doesn’t seem to care about what is going on
behind the scenes of the Trump administration.
We talk about Pizza-Gate and Twitter-Gate and
how they may be being used as a mass distraction.
I bring up the suspicious timing of these two stories
in relation to the upcoming Jeffrey Epstein
deposition. We also explore how these stories have
taken on a very scary tone and response from the
conspiracy culture. The three of us talk about the
fact that we now have Twitter “investigators” openly
proliferating alleged child pornography in an attempt
to stop it. We give our own advice as to how this
should be dealt with and the level to which we
should involve ourselves in this sort of work. I also
ask Robbie and Chuck their views on the increasing
sexualization of children, and how the
alt-media/conspiracy-culture may be feeding
this beast. We also touch on the similarities between
this and the “Satanic Panic” of the 1980’s, and how
the occult is not all black magic child sacrifice.