Special Dogmatic Theology Part Sixteen

The Ochelli Effect 12-17-2018 Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell and Chuck continue the series of discussions on religion.This podcast is the sixteenth in the series.

This Monday the conversation started with reflections on Entertainer, Renaissance Man, and friend of Jordan Maxwell, Steve Allen ( https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0006752/bio ).

What is a Holly Day? Is Satan Clause coming to town? What is the reason December 25 is the date for a national holiday?

The Roman roots for the Season’s Greetings are interesting. The founding fathers did not want Christmas in the new world, but it is part of The New World Order agenda.

360 degrees of the solar cycle explain a lot more than you might think. Jordan also mentioned some of his work with Gaia. Chuck told Jordan how the series was part of what got The Ochelli Effect banned from a network.

This series will continue until Jordan says it is complete.

We strongly suggest that you visit and explore Jordan’s work online.

Special Dogmatic Theology Part Sixteen

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Sixteen – The Ochelli Effect 12-17-2018 Jordan Maxwell