Skewed Information Yoohoo Shots

The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 8-5-2022 Callers

Skewed Information Yoohoo Shots

Skewed Information Yoohoo Shots

The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 8-5-2022 Callers

AOT #360

The so-called great powers of the world are all doing their best to build up, gain control, and take advantage of all they possibly can in a world that becomes increasingly complex. Where this all leads, no one knows, but it will surely be a rocky ride ahead.

Topics include: chatroom scuffle, mainstream and fringe narratives, rapid speed of change, systems beyond human control, intelligence community, Counterterrorism Era, great powers competition, 2016 sea change, geopolitics, world militaries, intelligentized warfare, machine learning, emerging technologies, Russian influence in US elections, information warfare, political divides, lack of national cohesion, many agendas of different players, technological competition with China, Chinese capitalist purge, Jack Ma, WeChat, American Factory, IT, cybersecurity, evangelical holy war, skewed ideas about American Founding Fathers, Great Replacement theory, white genocide, weaponization of alternative groups, Alex Jones, phone records released, January 6 Commission

UTP #270

No one was drunk on Yoohoo during this show, but plans were made to do just that at a later date.

Topics include: lighting, dollar store beer drought, LAX Livestream, Arnold call, Twins, Junior, YooHoo mixed drink, Kent’s birthday, meme Halloween costumes, getting hung, Trump, David Carradine, numerology, Uncle’s ex-wives, Jimmy matchmaker, Joshua Tree seeds for Patreon supporters, shout outs


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Skewed Information Yoohoo Shots

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