Singularity Games AI Double Dragon

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 5-7-2023 Particle Ion

Singularity Games AI Double Dragon

Singularity Games AI Double Dragon

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 5-7-2023 Particle Ion

AOT #386

Particle Ion was Aaron’s collaborator on the TransAlchemy blog/website. It has been over a decade since then, but some of the topics discussed on TA are only just now becoming big news stories.

Topics include: TransAlchemy, making videos, Singularity Summit 2009, Ai art, Midjourney, intellectual property, ChatGPT, LLMs, writer’s strike, actors, deep fakes, Ai generated movies, music, impossible to trust imagery now, internet, metaverse, VR headsets, virtual reality, transhumanism, social media, Twitter, Elon Musk, AGI vs narrow Ai, machine learning, intelligence, consciousness, scientific method, software, AI writing code, hacking, intangibles, occult side of tech, existential threat

UTP #297

If you didn’t catch Uncle’s video game live-stream, then be sure to go back and watch the video. There will be more episodes coming up in the future. Stay tuned to Uncle’s video streams on the weekends.

Topics include: Vintage Gaming With Uncle, video games, Double Dragon, live-stream video shows, Aaron’s wife as guest cohost, LAX live video, nothing, calls, movies, Winona Ryder, Stranger Things, Carson City, John Wayne, fighting games, Tekken, CGI, NBA Jam

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Singularity Games AI Double Dragon

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