Mario Brothers Not PC 1993

Get M A D with Chris Graves 5-8-2023 Super Mario

Mario Brothers Not PC 1993

Mario Brothers Not PC 1993

Get M A D with Chris Graves 5-8-2023 Super Mario

GM #46

(Graves Notes)

On yet another experimental episode of Get M.A.D. with yours truly, super producer Chuck Ochelli & I poke fun at an awesomely bad attempt at bringing the classic 1985 Nintendo game “Super Mario Bros.” to the big screen! The making of this movie is a notorious Hollywood story in & of itself, so it’s not at all surprising that this was the end result!

More than a few times throughout the years, I’ve actually considered writing a screenplay about the making of this movie! I truly feel like that story would make for a hilarious Hollywood cautionary tale, in a similar kind of way that “The Disaster Artist” showed us the making of the cult classic, “The Room”. Like countless other projects, I may still write that screenplay one day. Enjoy!

John Leguizamo Doubles Down on Boycotting ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ | TMZ

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Mario Brothers Not PC 1993

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