Selection Politics Flower Power

The Ochelli Effect 5-10-2022 Greg Palast and Christie Aphrodite

Selection Politics Flower Power

Selection Politics Flower Power

The Ochelli Effect 5-10-2022 Greg Palast and Christie Aphrodite

Another Tuesday that you can’t have with any other show.

Investigative Journalist and remarkable filmmaker Greg Palast talked with Chuck about the crocked political deeps of Georgia. Is it all about Trump? Who made who?

Is Georgia Red, Blue, or Purple? Can we do anything about being purged from the voter rolls by people sent blind lists of names to challenge?


2,000 Mules: Belly Laughs, Belly Aches from Film’s “Proof” that Trump Won

Christie continued her series on health and natural greatness hidden in plain sight.

The Efficacy of Dandelion Root Extract in Inducing Apoptosis in Drug-Resistant Human Melanoma Cells

An In Vitro System Comprising Immortalized Hypothalamic Neuronal Cells (GT1-7 Cells) for Evaluation of the Neuroendocrine Effects of Essential Oils


more rose

Sweet Days Ease:

A multi-center, double-blind, randomized study of the Lavender oil preparation Silexan in comparison to Lorazepam for generalized anxiety disorder

Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Medicinal Property of Sage (Salvia) to Prevent and Cure Illnesses such as Obesity, Diabetes, Depression, Dementia, Lupus, Autism, Heart Disease, and Cancer


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Selection Politics Flower Power

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