One-Eyed Jack Rundown 2

The Jack Blood Show 360 12-15-2022 Chuck Ochelli

One-Eyed Jack Rundown 2

One Eyed Jack Rundown 2

The Jack Blood Show 360 12-15-2022 Chuck Ochelli

Jack gives his take on the Holidays and fake liberals. He runs through the news and notes that his producer likes it when he’s depressed. Jack’s eye is still troubled, and the season is slim pickings. Chuck is slightly ahead of Jack in that he found his fake plastic tree, but times are tough on both coasts in what once was America. Jack’s special t-shirts are still for sale. ANY donation to Jack or his producer will make a BIG difference right now.

Chuck was not interested in being a guest again on Jack’s show this week but with The Season being what it is, Guests are hard to come by. Chuck Closed Jack’s show by discussing the latest seemingly disappointing JFK Assassination Records dump that occurred earlier in the day.

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One-Eyed Jack Rundown 2

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