Novel Coronavirus Prize Reports

The Ochelli Effect 3-9-2020 James Corbett and Terry Tapp

Novel Coronavirus Prize Reports

The one and only James Corbett dropped in on the Ochelli Effect for a Monday discussion on the latest Pandemic Panic. Level-headed Independent Media is a rare commodity so we hope you appreciate this as the markets get more hostile than volatile. Is the “Social Distancing” part of the pre-planned reaction?

Chuck and James shared some conclusions and disagreed about the sleight of hand headline of 2020 so far. Plus, does anyone remember that the War of Terror is without end? Is the peace deal in Afganistan in pieces? What is the frequency? If you think The United States can not be locked down just like Italy, think again.

Terry Tapp took it all into a unique art space in the second hour. How rigged is the DNC debacle in real-time? Is Bernie’s defeat already engineered for your viewing pleasure? Are hillbilly’s brighter than most people believe they are?

How many people are being killed as you read this by a fully confirmed medical plague some refer to as “The Opioid Epidemic”? Do we have any representation in our alleged Representative Democracy? Can we compare Bernie Sanders demoralized base to the disillusioned followers of Ron Paul after the establishment slaps them down?

This podcast contains two of the most different highly intelligent guests you’ll ever hear on one show.

Novel Coronavirus Prize Reports


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Novel Coronavirus Prize Reports – The Ochelli Effect 3-9-2020 James Corbett and Terry Tapp

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Novel Coronavirus Prize Reports

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