Gadfly Rabble-Rouser Part Two

The Ochelli Effect 3-16-2020 JG Michael and Barrett Brown 2

Gadfly Rabble-Rouser Part Two

This podcast is part of what became a nearly 4-hour show that started with and ended on Coronavirus but went to many places far beyond the latest panic. Scare box tactics have no place in The Ochelli Effect universe, but examining the effect on the population is mandatory.

JG Michael from The Parallax Views Podcast started the conversation and remained with Chuck for the entire double-length show. Barrett Brown described by Chuck as “A Revolutionary Journalist” might better be described as JG put it, “A Gadfly Rabble-Rouser” is the guest for nearly 3 hours of discussion.

Barrett talked about his time connected to Anonymous and provided great context for listeners to gather an understanding of the organic/digital nature of the underground movement that was. Mr. Brown was not a hacker but was privy to operations involving the organization that is often thought of as a loosely associated army of hackers.

Barrett also talked about his complicated relationships with many media outlets and described the evolution in his understanding of multiple sacred cows in the alleged alt. media universe.

Gadfly Rabble-Rouser Part Two

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Gadfly Rabble-Rouser Part Two – The Ochelli Effect 3-16-2020 JG Michael and Barrett Brown 2