Hancock Collection Incomplete Justice

The Ochelli Effect 4-29-2021 Larry Hancock, Gary Murr, and Stu Wexler

Hancock Collection Incomplete Justice

The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy is the topic of discussion as we continue the series of podcasts on the collected works of Author Larry Hancock. This presentation focuses on many aspects of the Assassination of RFK and includes Stue Wexler and Gary Murr. Gary helped add the work of the late John Hunt to the conversation.

This is not an official book in The Hancock Collection from a conventional point of view, but is one of many political assassinations that Larry has written extensively about.\

Also note: This is an extended-length Podcast and we felt it would be wrong to edit it.

Incomplete Justice

Section 2 –
Subset – Political Assassination
Book – 8 (Supplemental) The Assassination of RFK

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(From JFK Lancer Website) http://jfklancer.com/Dallas2017/2017welcome.html

Gary Murr was the first Canadian to purchase a set of the original 26 volumes of testimony and exhibits published by the Warren Commission and spent his initial research years assembling various materials for Harold Weisberg. He was an early contributor to the research of Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams and arranged numerous contacts for the authors of the major Canadian radio documentary, “Though Shalt Not Kill.” He conducted research trips to the National Archives, College Park, Maryland, between the years 1997 and 2003, amassing unreleased documentation, which formed his extensive three-volume trilogy on the wounding of Texas Governor John Connally, “Controlling The Past.” In his study “Forgotten”, he worked to trace and reveal the true history of the alleged assassination ammunition, 6.5mm Mannlicher Carcano, manufactured by the Western Cartridge Company of East Alton, Illinois.

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Hancock Collection Incomplete Justice

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