Alchemy Hello Neighbor Beer

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 3-4-2022

Alchemy Hello Neighbor Beer

AOT #347

A brief exploration of alchemy and other occult ways of understanding our world.

Topics include: alchemy, material and immaterial, mind, consciousness, turning lead into gold, symbolism, dreaming, altered states of consciousness, the reality beyond quantification, JFK Assassination, small groups able to steer public perception, Star Wars, quantum physics, Chuck the Blue Man, black can reflect, painting, Trump-style different from tradition president, Nixon movie, F35 crash into the ocean

UTP #257

Sidekick convinces Uncle not to review a bottle of liqueur.

Topics include: drinks given to Uncle by a neighbor, Mr. Flash calls-in, beer tests, making coffee, temperance, a phone like a medicine, off the rest of March, Utah, shout outs



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Alchemy Hello Neighbor Beer

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