Alan Dale Beyond JFK Conversations

Alan Dale Beyond JFK Conversations

The Ochelli Effect 12-29-2017 Alan Dale

Out of the ordinary is one way to describe this Fridays Ochelli Effect with Alan Dale. We reserve the JFK assassination topic for Thursdays generally , but this week a special discussion with Alan Dale was in order.

We begin with a reversal of roles as Alan normally conducts interviews instead of being the subject of them. JFK Conversations  is one of many things on his plate so to speak. We explore his life and history as a musician and student of the JFK assassination in fair detail , and Alan asks Chuck a few questions as well. In hour 2 , We go rather deep on the JFK assassination topic. The recent releases of documents, News articles, and best of the analysts Alan knows and works with are illustrated. As we go with Alan Dale Beyond JFK Conversations …

References :

JFK ARTICLE MSM (Read in part on the show)+|23

MALCOLM BLUNT ARTICLE on JFKFacts Site (Written by one of the most under-rated Geniuses on the case)


THE Assassination Archives and Research Center is the largest private archives in the world which is dedicated to acquiring, preserving, and disseminating information on political assassinations. (Chuck’s Favorite Reference Site)

Alan Dale Beyond JFK Conversations

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Alan Dale Beyond JFK Conversations

The Ochelli Effect 12-29-2017 Alan Dale

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