Viewer Discretion Maybe Revised

Get M A D with Chris Graves 5-24-2023 Mandella Effect

Viewer Discretion Maybe Revised

Viewer Discretion Maybe Revised

Get M A D with Chris Graves 5-24-2023 Mandella Effect

GM #50

(Graves Notes)
On this episode of Get M.A.D. with yours truly, we get into the murky history of “The Mandela Effect” & Midnight Mike from the podcast “Our Big Dumb Mouth” calls in with his take on the subject, while also sparking a good old fashioned “radio show war”! He drew First Blood…Game on! And Jimmy James calls in and schools Chuck & me on FDR’s actual name & how time has warped it.

If you don’t remember, this was a cool episode, and if you don’t agree, then Mandela changed it at some point. Thank you.


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Viewer Discretion Maybe Revised

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