Strokes Success SSRI Failures

The Jack Blood Show 360 7-28-2022 Gordon Raphael and Fred Shaw

Strokes Success SSRI Failures

Strokes Success SSRI Failures

The Jack Blood Show 360 7-28-2022 Gordon Raphael and Fred Shaw

Gordon Raphael has recorded many artists and become a well-known producer during the time Jack Blood knew him.

Jack and Gordon discussed the evolving music industry and the future of the cultural significance of music as an art form.

Gordon Raphael

Reverend Frederick Shaw is the Director of Public Affairs and Spokesperson for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR), a more than 50-year mental health industry watchdog. He’s also the President of the NAACP Inglewood-South Bay Branch in California

After playing a clip of the star of Top Gun, Jack spoke with Fred Shaw about Tom Cruise and the ruse that is psychiatry as an industry. SSRO meds are dangerous.

Fred Shaw

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Strokes Success SSRI Failures

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