Space Jason Drive Angry

Get M A D with Chris Graves 12-12-2022 Todd Farmer

Space Jason Drive Angry

Space Jason Drive Angry

Get M A D with Chris Graves 12-12-2022 Todd Farmer

On this very special episode of “Get M.A.D.” I chat with veteran screenwriter Todd Farmer! Todd has written such horror films as “Jason X”, “My Bloody Valentine 3D”, “And drive Angry”, screenplays for a “Halloween 3D” & “Hellraiser” reboot for Miramax / Dimension Films, the comic book “Alien Pig Farm 3000” with “Punisher” star Thomas Jane, and much, much more! He also goes into a very difficult time in his life and career where after years of being a paid working screenwriter in Hollywood, he found himself living in his car and having to shower at his local gym. After a few years of having to put his first love aside to work at Fed Ex & a car dealership, Todd was able to fight his way back to screenwriting! Very inspiring, so much so that he decided to write an article about the whole situation, warts & all, and was met with quite a bit of feedback! I was honored that he would take the time to chat with me. Enjoy!

Todd Farmer – Wikipedia

Todd Farmer – IMDb


Farmer (@todd_farmer) • Instagram photos and videos

From Hollywood To Homeless: The Writer Of JASON X And DRIVE ANGRY On Screenwriting On The Edge | Birth.Movies.Death. (

Space Jason Drive Angry

Todd Farmer

Todd Farmer tells a Hollywood story too few want to acknowledge.

Outta Space – The Making of Jason X – YouTube

Todd as Amber Heard’s boyfriend in “Drive Angry”
Drive Angry (2/10) Movie CLIP – Boyfriend Beat-Down (2011) HD – YouTube

Messengers 2: The Scarecrow (Video 2009) – IMDb

Todd Farmer’s website and Journal:

Journal – Wendago

Original Jason X outline – Wendago

Jason X Writer Todd Farmer Releases Original Treatment (

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February DA-Day! – Wendigo

[Interview] Todd Farmer Talks ‘Halloween 3D’ And ‘Hellraiser’! – Bloody Disgusting (

INTERVIEW: Todd Farmer talks about Drive Angry. (


Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer’s Take on the Hellraiser Remake! –

‘Drive Angry 3D’ Team to Reinvent ‘Hellraiser’ – The Hollywood Reporter!

EXCLUSIVE: Todd Farmer Interview About HALLOWEEN 3D – YouTube

Halloween 3 with Patrick Lussier, Todd Farmer – Horror Movie That Almost Was (

DRIVE ANGRY 3D Interview Screenwriter Todd Farmer On Set Interview (

ALIEN PIG FARM 3000 (TPB, 2009): Todd Farmer & Thomas Jane: Books

Steve Niles Talks “Alien Pig Farm 3000” (

Jason X (2001) Trailer – YouTube

My Bloody Valentine (2009) – Trailer – YouTube

Drive Angry 3D (2011) Offical Trailer – Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard

Drive Angry 3D (2011) Offical Trailer – Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard – YouTube

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