Meria Heller Decades Roaring

The Jack Blood Show 360 2-16-2023 Meria Heller

Meria Heller Decades Roaring

Meria Heller Roaring Decades

The Jack Blood Show 360 2-16-2023 Meria Heller

The language on this show is not completely safe for work. The clash of political analysis isn’t safe for anyone. Stop Trying this at home kiddies!

Jack decided to bring Meria Heller to the 360 experience. A caller asked Meria if she supported infanticide. There were a few interesting questions from Chat. Jack tells Meria why he has Trump Forgiveness Syndrome and implies that his long-time friend has Trump Derangement Syndrome. Chuck piped in a few times to facilitate calls and switch things up a touch while doing what Jack asked him to do. It’s a bit messy.

Mr. Blood seems to have found some faith in magical things. Meria stuck around for the entire show. This podcast is less than two hours long because there was a lengthy live break that has been removed from the pod. Do you hear what I hear? Enjoy!

Are you NOT entertained? I’m not Boomer Baby… So why don’t you thrill me…

By The Way, like a Mister Mxyzptlk and Beatlejuice hybrid, Trump can be sent back to The Filth Dimension which bares an uncanny resemblance to the slums of Queens New York where The Lord of Cult 45 blessed an orange-skinned-humanoid female with the seed of the Pale-skinned allegedly manish-kind on this rock with their personal savior and the imperfect divine instrument to Make Amerigo Great once more, and Brother Ali said onto the United Snakes there shall be no need for the auditions for the part of David. The Deep State looked upon its new and yet old mental plantation and said that it was good and bigly. Pledge your allegiance to the false flag of Divide snakes of Go Branden Go, and to the Republicans and Snitches Karen-ing the land, Bum nations asunder from God, easily divisible, with no liberty, but injustice for all.

(Cut and Paste comments from Chat and Skype)

Q: Did Jack go to school with The Germs’ Darby Crash or Pat Smear?

Q: Has Meria ever come into contact with Marla Maples?

Is Jack Riding the Orange Idiot Train????

Please tell Meria & Jack that they really need to resume their “Blood & Guts” show! Please & thanks.

Is Maria a Demonocrat?! A DNC Disiple on Jack Blood?! She wants Creepy Joe Sniffin’ her hair?!

Please bring back Blood & Guts with Meria & Jack

(End Cut and Paste Section)

This is what can happen when a host leaves the show notes to Chuck.

The Mouth That Roars, and does Hell & High Water with Chuck Twice per month

Meria Heller

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Meria Heller Decades Roaring

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