Fringe Transhumanists Silly String

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 2-26-2023 Callers

Fringe Transhumanists Silly String

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 2-26-2023 Callers

Fringe Transhumanists Silly String

AOT #378

The rug of society has been folded over on itself and now its many and varied fringes are on top of each other making quite a mess.

Topics include: transhumanists are a fringe group, emerging tech now in the news, chatbot stories about machine consciousness, Dilbert, AI, Nick Bostrom racist email, Extropians, eugenics, evangelical reactionary takes on tech

UTP #289

Silly string certainly does smell funny.

Topics include: catching a marlin, fish taxidermy, silly string, toxic smell, Alaska NFL team, Uncle’s Crocs, Canada, mail, missing airline baggage, sumo wrestling, E Honda, WWWF, GLOW, The Wrestler movie

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Fringe Transhumanists Silly String

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