Firing Line Opening Credits

The Ochelli Effect 3-11-2022 Roundtable

Firing Line Opening Credits

Firing Line Openning Credits

The Ochelli Effect 3-11-2022 Roundtable

Join In – WE ARE TAKING CALLS 1(319)527-5016 on Friday Nights 8-10 pm Eastern! B Pete co-hosts the Friday Night Open Mic.

Chuck talked about getting fired. Spent Kent, Vanarchy, Jimmy James, Mrs.O, and Natureboy all called the show.

We had renovation updates, Garden reports, Naked News, Headlines from B Pete, and a bit of fun to finish the week of broadcasting on Radio.

A few updates and teasers about what will be coming soon to a podcatcher near you were covered in hour 2. Be The Effect, and call-in next time so you can call the shots about what we cover on any given Friday Night.


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Firing Line Opening Credits

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