Financial Crisis Blame Game

The Ochelli Effect 6-5-2023 Tony Viola

Financial Crisis Blame Game

Financial Crisis Blame Game

The Ochelli Effect 6-5-2023 Tony Viola

Remember the 2008 Mortgage Mess? Tonight we meet a guy who was wrongly accused and convicted regarding the 2008 housing disaster.

Tony Viola, founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Cleveland-based Realty Corporation of America, graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and has an MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Realty Corporation of America, a licensed real estate brokerage and auction services business, had offices in Ohio and Florida and over 150 team members. In 2008, Tony was indicted by a multi-jurisdictional Mortgage Fraud Task Force, alleging he stole $46 million by orchestrating the “Nation’s Largest Mortgage Fraud Scheme.” Following a federal conviction, Tony established his innocence at a second trial using Bates-stamped federal evidence that Justice Department suppressed before the first trial, but that was provided by a whistleblower inside the prosecutor’s office, the Task Force’s Office Manager Dawn Pasela. In 2020, both the FBI and Justice Department admitted to making materially false statements about evidence in Tony’s case and he was released from jail after a decade of wrongful imprisonment. In 2022, after a Justice Department investigation found evidence of criminal activities and false statements, disbarment proceedings against former federal prosecutor Mark Bennett commenced, Disciplinary Counsel v, Bennett, case number 2022-034; DOJ Inspector General Report Number 21-005.

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Financial Crisis Blame Game

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