End Credits Rolling Soundtrack

The Ochelli Effect 9-30-2020 The Greek

End Credits Rolling Soundtrack

The Greek returned to speak about a few topics. What is the Covid19 agenda? Is the 0 Year coming soon?

What year is it? How should we handle freezing meat? Is the Cosmic Censorship changing?

Where and Who is the Anti-Christ? Did the recent business deal with the UAE and Israel have anything to do with the upcoming Middle-Eastern Unions? Is it the end of the world as we know it? Do you feel fine?

Is anyone coming to take your guns? What day is it? The quality of things is not good, but there are rare exceptions.

Do the Lawmen know any laws? Are we destined to be warriors or will world peace kill us all? What is a virus? How bad are things about to get?

The body is still a container. The Sole is not to be shown on TV. The quality of the information in this sonic event is high. Blood is a currency of the gods.

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End Credits Rolling Soundtrack

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