Chuck News Catch Flatley

The Ochelli Effect 5-19-2022 News with Chuck and Joseph L. Flatley

Chuck News Catch Flatley

The Ochelli Effect 5-19-2022 News with Chuck and Joseph L. Flatley

Chuck News Catch Flatley

In the first hour, Chuck did a news blitz by looking at lesser-known headlines and odd patterns in the information streams.

News Hour References:

CDC expresses concern about the possibility of undetected monkeypox spread in the U.K.

If the American Empire Falls, Will the Republic Rise?

Kim Jong Un lookalike disrupts Australian election campaign

US case of monkeypox reported in Massachusetts man

Still at War: The United States in Iraq

George Bush’s Iraq-Ukraine Gaffe Sparks ‘War Criminal’ Debate

The US to Ease Sanctions on Venezuela, Enabling Cargoes to Europe

‘Super-Father’: One in 200 Men are Descendants of Genghis Khan

Russian Carnage, Destruction Revealed in Newly Liberated Ukrainian Territory

Judge: Regulators wrong to ban beer label that had a naked man

Captive medic’s bodycam shows firsthand horror of Mariupol

Nan Levinson, “I’ve Seen What Bombs Do”

Finland brewery launches NATO beer with ‘taste of security’

Can Peru Counter Drug Trafficking by Buying All the Coca?

In the second hour, the patterns get stranger when Joseph Flatley joins Chuck to discuss various odd things. The Finders, Norman the Novelist, and Religious Cults are only part of what gets covered.



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Chuck News Catch Flatley

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