19 07, 2019

Healing Power Through Cannabis

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Healing Power Through Cannabis The Ochelli Effect 7-18-2019 Daniel Louis Crumpton Healing Power Through Cannabis Daniel and Chuck discuss a collective way to obtain medicine that is more than vital to more people than most of the public realizes. The Mission of CannaSense Total Wellness is to educate potential and existing patients on the [...]

11 04, 2019

Traumatic Journey Victimhood Refused

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Traumatic Journey Victimhood Refused The Ochelli Effect 4-10-2019 Daniel Louis Crumpton DLC Returns to TOE. A very personal discussion on trauma and a path of evolution with a longtime friend of Chuck's Daniel Louis Crumpton weaves the subjects of Cannabis, spirituality, and The Trauma of Life into a basket of exposition that you will not [...]

10 11, 2018

Canadian Cannabis Confirmation Bias

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Canadian Cannabis Confirmation Bias The Ochelli Effect 11-9-2018 Roundtable A good footnote for a Friday night show must now be an epitaph for a once aware critical thinker lost in cognitive dissonance. Chuck asked Brian Richards to return and a Roundtable was formed. A solid discussion about cannabis and the collective delusion of mass [...]

6 11, 2018

Laugh Out Loud Speak Clearly

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Laugh Out Loud Speak Clearly The Ochelli Effect 11-5-2018 Stuttering John and Ted Metz We kick off the broadcast week with something completely different. Every show we do is meant to educate and enlighten. What can we learn from Stuttering John and Ted Metz? Chuck credits John as being one of the many people [...]

17 05, 2018

Gawker Stalker Hawker Skywalker

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Gawker Stalker Hawker Skywalker Trans Resister Radio / Uncle The Broadcast LIVE Presented by OCHELLI.COM The Vanguard continues. Author Joseph Flatley joined both Trans Resister Radio and Uncle The Broadcast. Amish Rock Bands and conspiracy culture collide in two hours flat. Sunshine On joins the discussion in time to bring us knowledge of cannabis [...]

21 04, 2018

cannabis condition culture

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cannabis condition culture Friday 4-20-2018 420 Show Ochelli Effect Chuck begins the broadcast inviting callers to join him on 4-20. Data points covered include The origin of 4 20 in popular culture and a few items currently in the news on the subject of cannabis. The politics of pot become the primary focus. The [...]

3 04, 2018

planet caravan lyrics meaning

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planet caravan lyrics meaning The Ochelli Effect 4-2-2018 Chuck Solo Numbers alone cannot decide victory in any War. This particular Moon Day Chuck goes it alone and takes a few extra breaks. Starting to heal he covers many headlines that caught his eye in the past few days and reads from some of those [...]

12 08, 2017

Becky Haines Multi-colored Natural foods

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Becky Haines Multi-colored Natural foods fighting cancer The Ochelli Effect-2017-08-11 [Becky's dad was making oil when she was a teenager?] Becky Haines Multi-colored Natural foods fighting cancer The Ochelli Effect with Becky Haines Becky Haines Multi-colored Natural foods fighting cancer The Ochelli Effect with Becky Haines Becky Haines is an artist known in some [...]

30 06, 2017

Thursday – 6/29/2017 Freeman Jack Reefer Madness – Facts and Fiction

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Thursday - 6/29/2017 Freeman Jack Reefer Madness – Facts and Fiction Freeman Jack discusses Hemp / Cannabis with Chuck , to illuminate this often misunderstood, highly controversial subject. The UK and US drug policies, The Overall lack of clarity regarding medical use, Recreational safety , and the limitations on proper scientific research are all covered [...]

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