Automation AI San Pedro Cactus

The Age of Transitions & Uncle The Broadcast as Proudly Presented by OCHELLI.COM

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 12-18-2022 Callers

Automation AI San Pedro Cactus

The Age of Transitions 12-18-2022 Callers

Automation AI San Pedro Cactus

AOT #373

So many of the things that have been discussed on this show over the years are now coming to be. The future is now.

Topics include: automation, robot warehouse pickers, Amazon, Washington Post, MIC, tech industry, normalization, drone delivery, machine learning, AI writing, AI art, Emo, dark warehouse, US and China tensions, microchip factories, PR, artificial wombs, genetic engineering, changing attitudes, deepfakes, perception of reality, nature of technique, mental health crisis, wages going up now, strange contradictions in corporate job market, working remotely, layoffs, annoying debates, portions of the population being left behind, Trump NFTs

UTP #283

Uncle calls in again, and side kick tests the Landers internet feed. Be sure to listen to Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution coming up on December 31.

Topics include: testing live from Landers broadcast set up, ethernet, taking calls, Ohio boys, cold temperatures, new Wu-Stang, New Year’s Revolution, tequila makes your clothes fall off, alcoholic Mountain Dew, PA alcoholic slushies, moonshine, San Pedro cactus, Instagram stories, DIY videos, fence installation, stolen mail, Kevin Smith, shout outs





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Automation AI San Pedro Cactus

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