12/15/2016 Thursday – JFK Myths 10
Larry Hancock , Alan Dale , Rob Clark, &
Carmine Savastano. The continuing series
about the Mythology generated about the
assassination of John F. Kennedy.
This time we cover the intent of myths ,
The Agencies , Files, LBJ, Castro Plots ,
and L.Ron Hubbard (which may actually top JVB)

Alan Dale is a researcher, the host of
JFK Conversations, and Contributing Editor
of the Assassination Archives and Research Center.

Larry Hancock is a historian, author,
the Chairman of JFK Lancer, and
on the Mary Ferrell Foundation
Board of Directors,

Rob Clark is a researcher,
host of The Lone Gunman Podcast,
and Podcast Editor of Neapolis Media Group.

Carmine Savastano is an author, researcher,
and Editor in Chief of the Neapolis Media Group.