05/04/2017 Thursday – “JFK Myths Episode 11” is tonight on the Ochelli Effect, researcher Charles Cliff and author Carmine Savastano return to join Chuck in comparing feasible myths with evidence. PLUS a few words about the late Sherry Fiester and her work against the medical mythology in The JFK assassination research community.

Claims of E.M. Albrecht
Document 1: House Select Committee on Assassinations, Administrative Folder-I6, Assassination Matters Volume VIII, Albrecht Letter to President Ford, December 12, 1976
Document 2: Ibid, Director of the FBI to SAC San Antonio, January 6, 1977
Document 3: Ibid, FBI Interview of Earl Mason Albrecht, March 3, 1977
The Bar Claims:
Document 4: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Warren Commission Headquarters File, Section 16, Memo from W.C. Sullivan to W.A. Branigan, July 16, 1964
The Supernatural Force:
Document 5: President’s Commission Document Number 48, FBI Cameron Report of 02 Dec 1963 re: Miscellaneous Threats to Kennedy, Information concerning Jack L. Ruby, November 26, 1963
The Asserted Cancer Plot Mastermind
Document 6: Federal Bureau of Investigation, 105-82555, Oswald Headquarters file, Section 230, January 3, 1967
Document 7: Central Intelligence Agency, DDP files, Memorandum: Garrison and the Kennedy Assassination, pp. 4-5
The Shooter named Joe
Document 8: House Select Committee on Assassinations, Segregated CIA file, Garrison Investigation of Kennedy Assassination: Luis Angel Castillo A, Box 37, p. 2
Joseph Milteer was feasibly not in Dallas or Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963
Document 9: HSCA, Federal Bureau of Investigation Subject File, Church Committee, No Title, November 26, 1963