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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 7-1-2022 No Guest

Screw Google Video Gaming

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 7-1-2022 No Guest

Screw Google Video Gaming

AOT #357

There is no shortage of passion in the culture and information wars that rage 24/7 online. What is lacking is any sort of self-reflection as to how we all fall prey to misinformation and disinformation. It is likely too late to turn the tide, but it is still useful to see what is happening, and where things are going.

Topics include: passing of Joshua Brookshire, first autonomous big rig on US road, logistics, supply chain, automation, EVs, GE, Einride, Ford plans to solely produce fleet vehicles, individual vehicle ownership now phasing out, rideshare apps, public transportation, TikTok labeled national security threat by FCC, user data, China and US tech rivalry, surveillance, intelligence gathering, consumer drones banned, social media apps sell data, stuck in the digital world, Russia, cyber warfare, Google China, scientific advances of Cold War were always publicly available, open-source intelligence, culture wars, social media used to spread misinformation by many different groups, divide and conquer techniques, alternative media personalities swayed by social media misinformation, feeding information to influencers and alt-media, power of suggestion, no one is immune, Mind War, self promotion, fringe ideas entering mainstream, internet freedom at risk due to fools spreading disinformation, constant manipulation, Google likely demoting The Age of Transitions website

UTP #267

Uncle had a fine week of nostalgia for this podcast episode. Video games, movies, TV, and more.

Topics include: flight problems, LAX Livestream video, new broadcast room, holiday weekend, Stranger Things, surprise ending, street team, internet connectivity issues, Rockfin, video game streams, listener engagement, goth tractor girl, Twitch, Army Men games, Cool Spot games, Cabazon Dinosaurs, going inside Mr. Rex, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Pasadena movie house, CHUD, Spaceballs, Huey Lewis Ghostbuster’s theme


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