Mass Casualty Rerun Transam

Get M A D with Chris Graves 3-27-2023 Panel Discussion

Mass Casualty Rerun Transam

Mass Casualty Rerun Transam

Get M A D with Chris Graves 3-27-2023 Panel Discussion

GM #34

This episode of Get M.A.D. I decided to mix it up and try something different, throwing format and caution to the wind! What resulted was one of my best episodes yet! It was a panel discussion/listener call-in show (well we had one caller total, Harland, and he was awesome enough and I hope he calls back when we do another one of these call-in shows!) with my friends Six, Lisa Belanger, & John Henry of TNP: The New Prisoners podcast (I’m a weekly TNP contributor, Livestream Fridays at 10 am on Rumble & Odysee), Jason Barker from the Knights of the Storm & The Foxhole podcasts (KotS every Saturday at 10 am on Rumble & Odysee, The Foxhole every Thursday at 8 pm on Rumble & Odysee), & Mr. Angry Tiger, also from Knights of the Storm as well as The Tiger’s Den podcast (Every Wednesday at 8 pm on Rumble & Odysee). Super producer, Mr. Chuck Ochelli, joined in on the discussion as well!

Topics mentioned & discussed: The Tennessee school shooting, the initial reporting of a teenage female suspect into a 28-year-old transgendered person who may or may not have been a prior student at the school, the police response times, the weapons involved, Occult Priestess and her tribute to the late Jordan Maxwell, gun control, mental health, and awesome caller Harland called back!

At one point, a certain Alex Jones may or may not have called in to curse all of us in the “Alt To The Alt” media…incredible! I still can neither confirm nor deny, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe Angry Tiger will find out this too, as with Mr. Fauci last week, and get back to us.

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Fauci was filmed laughing off lab-leak theory and wishing he’d made the US wear masks sooner

“Maybe I should have done that,” Fauci said of getting people to wear masks sooner. “Yeah, I was wrong.”

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Mass Casualty Rerun Transam

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