Zombie Economic Apocalypse Now Maybe

The Ochelli Effect 6-5-2019 Michael Swanson and Regular Joe

The first hour on Wednesday was dominated by a discussion between Chuck and the author of The War State on economics. The markets and trade wars stirred and shaken with the issues of border politics and the agendas to bend the middle east to the will of neo-con desires make for a cocktail of epic confusion that is as deceptive as it is hard to swallow.

Regular Joe talked with Chuck in the second hour about the value of escaping the online reality and remembering to live while the Muppets of DC continue to be The Magic Muppets of DC.

How’s the economy working for you? What will Trump do if and when he leaves the White House? Can Trump actually Read? Are you reading this? This W Odin’s Day podcast just might answer all those questions and many more.

Zombie Economic Apocalypse Now Maybe

Mike Swanson:

Associated Titles:
The Origins of the Roman Empire: The Roman Army and Political Power Kindle Edition
by Dennis Swanson (Author), Michael Swanson (Foreword)

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Zombie Economic Apocalypse Now Maybe

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Zombie Economic Apocalypse Now Maybe – The Ochelli Effect 6-5-2019 Michael Swanson and Regular Joe