Yawning Paper Tiger Crouching Orange

The Ochelli Effect 11-5-2020 Albert Lanier – Glenn Viklund – Captain Tripps

Yawning Paper Tiger Crouching Orange

Yawning Paper Tiger Crouching Orange

The Ochelli Effect 11-5-2020 Albert Lanier – Glenn Viklund – Captain Tripps

As the Selection Sports Centers Sort out the marathon for the next Coronavirus Apprentice, we talk timelines and what comes next.

Veteran Journalist Albert Lanier thinks Chuck should be a TV analyst on CNN and gave us a timeline of reporting regarding the vote tallies.

Mr. Lanier is retired but still continues to view the media and write about the dying wisdom of formerly key print journalism.

Glenn Viklund came on the show in the second hour to ask Chuck and Captain Tripps about the American mindless set as it stands for all. What will the future of the GOP look like?

Will Donald Trump be the next Rush Limbaugh? Could Trumpian Supporters and spawn be the newest Whit Mans Burden? Are you ready for the recounts?






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Yawning Paper Tiger Crouching Orange

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