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The Ochelli Effect 4-6-2018 Sir Timothy Thrapp

Friar’s Day we discuss Ministry

Sir Timothy Thrapp has been a guest on The Show before. World Improvement Through The Spirit is an interesting essentially Christian Ministry.  WITTS founded by Michael Faraday FRS an English scientist who contributed to the study of electromagnetism and electrochemistry over 200 years ago is a fascinating Church. The marriage between technology and spirituality is remarkable. Chuck and Timothy Explore the true meaning of minister and the nature of a god that would desire his creations to embrace the gifts given to them. The idea that God helps those who help themselves and all things in the universe are possible. Plus the drain of hypocrisy on the world. The Criminal Banking elements on the planet and much more. A minister serves God and his children. So Chuck and Timothy discuss the many ways that are achieved.  Can someone improve the world as a whole by taking care that their neighbors do not go without? Is giving a godly act? Can You change your life by making some else’s being a bit better?


Some connection issues plague the interview, so Chuck covers some news both related and seemingly unrelated to the discussion with Sir Timothy.  world improvement ministries spirit

world improvement ministries spirit

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world improvement ministries spirit: The Ochelli Effect Friday 4-6-2018 with Timothy Thrapp