Wonder Bread Woman 2000

Popcorn Politics 12-29-2020 Eric Cunningham

Wonder Bread Woman 2000

On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics Eric Cunningham and I discuss the ever evolving battle to increase stimulus check money as well as the Georgia Senate Runoff elections between Raphael Warnock and Kelly Loeffler, as well as David Perdue and Jon Ossoff.

Stimulus checks have been a hot button issue since the summer, and it seemed as though everyone had agreed to $600 for every independent adult in the country, until President Trump torpedoed his own deal with a demand for $2000 checks. What makes this perplexing is that Trump negotiated this deal.

Senator Bernie Sanders joined with Ed Markey have begun a push to increase the checks, but Majority Leader McConnell likely won’t even put it to a vote. What’s most interesting is how this effects the Georgia Senate runoffs.

This issue of stimulus checks has been a central message for Democrats Ossoff and Warnock, but with Perdue and Loeffler coming out in favor of $2000 checks, their message could be redundant.

In hour 2, Eric and I discussed Wonder Woman 1984, a highly anticipated movie that I believe was a disappointment.

Eric thoroughly enjoyed Wonder Woman 1984 in all its goofiness, but I found it cheesy in the worst ways and a true 80s movie for good and ill.

The 2 major flaws with the movie for me are redundancies and convolutions. The major emotional climax of Diana’s arc is losing Steve Trevor. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the same emotional climax as the first Wonder Woman, just with a twist.

The other big issue is the complicated nature of the plot. Complications aren’t bad unless you don’t explain them, but the Mcguffin’s abilities are vague and by the end of the film, downright unexplained.

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Wonder Bread Woman 2000

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