Within Tragedy End Hope

The Ochelli Effect 1-27-2021 Ted Edmonson and Glenn Viklund

Within Tragedy End Hope

Can we save ourselves with random acts of kindness? Is the American system worth saving? Will we save ourselves? Where has Ted been?

Ted Edmonson returned to The Ochelli Effect on Wednesday night to remind people that ministry is service, and Loving your neighbors may be the best path to finally building an American community that actually includes most of us.

Glenn Viklund gives us a window into the strange land he sees from outside America. Chuck challenges the data sets that most people assume are fair metrics to measure the decline of the American Empire. Is a Pax Americana possible in the 21st century?

How is Joe Biden doing? Is the latest Q Face-Off theory the best the Q can do? Why is there no real safety net in America? If only 40 million people live in poverty in the USA, then how is there more than 40 Million people on food stamps?

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Within Tragedy End Hope

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