Who’s To Blame ?

The Ochelli Effect with Mike Swanson and JP Sottile-2017-08-01 Who’s To Blame ?

Whos’ To blame ?

The Ochelli Effect-2017-08-01 Who’s To Blame ?

Hour one.
Mike Swanson
author of The War State.

WW2 , Who’s To Blame ?
Foreign policy crisis, Who’s To Blame ?
Nazi Germany.
Concentration camps?
murder by numbers.
Debated real history doesn’t erase atrocity.
Hitler was not a hero.
Body Counts, Body Counts
The history of the United States and it’s Richest criminals
tied to the Nazi regime?
Who’s To Blame ? Are German people simply evil?
Who’s To Blame ?

Hour two.
JP Sottile.
The Mooch…
The Trumpster Dumpster fire still in progress.
Wanna be ‘Don’ the Donald. fagetaboutit
Who’s To Blame ?
Trumpets everywhere.
Scaramucci stories have buried more important stories for weeks.
Who’s To Blame ?
Did Trump model himself on Scaramucci?
Who’s To Blame ?
Bamboozled supporters of Agent Orange.
Sottile cheese? The minor unimportant battle?
Who’s To Blame ?
Wall ST finance and law firm that worked in finance, they were the true seats of power
in the deep state , see Dulles Bros.
Who’s To Blame ?
The origin of the ‘Deep State’
weapons of mass distraction.
Who’s To Blame ?
The bridge between military industrial complex and the deep state
Cuba is the cypher.
A lot of people make a lot of money out of war and cold war
The peace dividend and all the things that were going to be invested in.
Where is the leader speaking of peace today?
Who’s To Blame ?
Deny, Deny , Deny , when that fails just deny again I guess …
…To Be Continued…




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