War Movies Effect

The Ochelli Effect 2017-07-17 Effects Movies WAR

with Unique Lee and Dylan Wade



A returning guest as unique as his handle

Many Movies many Effects , many Wars

Movies, symbology, numerology, transgender all in movies.

Hate, wisdom, luciferianism, Satanism, all in wars.

Ancient texts, gods, necromancy, digital necromancy all effects.

Promethius , Hate and the hidden agendas.

Walking Dead

Imagination , or imagined by design ? The Womans movement

Aliens Necromantic , and the movies that love them

The number 7

Anti-natural supernatural.

The hidden war movie of the now

Gods of war , movies of movements , and Effects of special effects

Anchient Gods with Modern War Movie Roles.

The sun , moon , and effect of.


Reasoning for




Dylan wade has been a part of the Ochelli Effect for several years

War ? Movies ? and many Effects in past shows


The planet of the Apes original movies


Chuck is a fan or the original and anxious to see the latest edition in the franchise reboot

Basic history with parrelells

Reload in racial climate 90s not possible.

Marky Mark and the fail of 2001

War analogies.

Original causes and effects

The war within , the war without.

Col War sentiments.

Civil rights , and uncivil knights

Woody Harrelson and his personal darkness

Effect on humanity in the Planet of the Apes universe.

Movie magic and evolving wars

Story telling tribal fear effect.


Hollywood illusion and allusion

War For Planet of The Apes , and the ongoing reboot series,

Animal rights issues accross the board all forms of Planet Of The Apes.

Conflict resolution , rinse , repeat.


Character development in war

The Effect of the movie series

Future set-ups post War For Planet of the Apes

basic Review Ochelli Effect style

Who are the animals actually

The sympathetic character protected by the apes in a time of war


Thanks to unique Lee and Dylan Wade for appearing on the Ochelli Effect

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